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Welcome to the new Order of Precedence page for the Kingdom of Ealdormere!  This page and the data therein is thanks to the hard working TechnoMages of Ealdormere over the past two years -- Lars Eriksson, Lucia d'Enzinas, Matthaus Lindenhayn von Schaffhausen, Rylyn Buchanan, Gwendolyn of Aldburg, and Zahra bint al-Nahr al-Ishbiiliya al-Naariya.  Also, thanks to Marie L'Englois for hosting an interim page while the Technomages chased gremlins.

There are several new features to the new Order of Precedence software and data -- if you wish your alternate title to be listed, or if you have an alternate name registered with the College of Arms, we can note these.  There are more features coming in the next year, hopefully including heraldic images to go with reports, scroll images, and more.  Stay tuned!  For those who want to volunteer to assist, the Order of Precedence exists as a web-hosted application built on the Lantica Sesame 2.6.4 Database Platform, with HTML output reports.

Any court reports, changes, or suggestions should be emailed to

Your order of precedence reports are here:

Award Listing

Order of March

Order of Precedence